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PNC Second Chance Checking: Giving Customers a Fresh Start

Have you lost hope in getting a new checking account? Well, this article will show you if PNC Bank has a second chance checking option
PNC Second Chance Checking

 At a certain point in life, everyone has a bad side of him or herself that pops out. And during that period many bad things around you could happen, and at times, it does happen to your bank or checking account.

It's no secret that banking can become very complex right now, especially as the tech world has increased so much. Not to talk of some individuals who have had or experienced some financial hardships in the past.

Many traditional banks require a clean or legitimate financial record when opening a checking account, making it difficult for those who have had financial setbacks to access basic banking services.

Well, when this happens, some people just think; Oh, I could just clear my banking Chexsystems Records and that will be good to go. That's a good idea, but it does not always work for everyone.

That is where the second chance checking account comes into play. Many banks in the US and around the world permit this second chance account to be created, but not all though. So what will you do now if you can't clear your Chexsystems Records?

Well, PNC Bank could also be another option on this card. And so, we are talking today about the PNC Second Chance checking account to discover how it works, and if you can create a second chance checking account with PNC Bank.

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PNC Second Chance Checking Account

What is PNC Second Chance Checking?

PNC Second Chance Checking is a specialized checking account designed to help individuals who may have had credit problems or trouble managing their finances in the  past. It offers a fresh start by allowing customers to open a checking account, even if they have been  denied by other banks due to their financial history.

And the Second Chance checking account comes to help you when you can't clear your Chexsystems Record, and to provide you another chance(as the name says) in getting a new account, and making sure to manage it well.

Who is eligible for PNC Second Chance Checking?

PNC Bank does not have strict eligibility criteria for their Second Chance Checking. It is specifically designed for individuals who may have had a history of financial difficulties, such as past overdrafts, unpaid debts, or a poor credit score.

This may apply to those who may have borrowed some money from the bank and have not paid, who may have made some transactions considered not to be legit, who may have had a credit card without repaying their debts, and many others. As long as these individuals do not have any unresolved financial obligations with PNC Bank, they can take advantage of this program.

What are the benefits of PNC Second Chance Checking?

1. No minimum balance requirement: PNC Second Chance Checking does not require a minimum balance, making it accessible to individuals in all financial situations.

2. Mobile and online banking: PNC Bank provides robust mobile and online banking features, allowing customers to securely manage their accounts, make payments, and track their finances on the go.

3. Access to ATMs: Second Chance Checking customers have access to over 18,000 PNC ATMs nationwide. Additionally, they can use their PNC debit card at thousands of non-PNC ATMs across the country.

4. Bill pay and mobile deposit: PNC Second Chance Checking customers can avail PNC's bill pay service to conveniently manage their monthly expenses. They can also deposit checks using the mobile deposit feature, eliminating the need to visit the bank in person.

5. Financial education: PNC Bank understands that financial literacy is crucial for long-term financial success. As part of their Second Chance Checking program, the bank provides resources, tools, and guidance to help customers improve their financial knowledge and make informed financial decisions.

How can you open a PNC Second Chance Checking account?

Well, PNC Bank does not offer a specific "second chance checking" account for now. However, they do offer a Foundation Checking Account which is considered a relatively accessible option for individuals with a less-than-perfect banking history.

However, apart from PNC and other banks that do not offer this service, there are other banking platforms that said they could give you a second chance, depending on the intensity of your bad scores. Amongst the top 10 banks in the US, there is only Wells Fargo who accepts that. But you can see other options such as; Capital One, Citibank, and U.S. Bank.

What to Keep in mind about PNC Foundation Checking Account

Here are some key points about the PNC Foundation Checking Account:

  • No minimum opening deposit: This eliminates the initial financial hurdle for those who might not have readily available funds.
  • Monthly service fee: There is a $7 monthly service fee, which can be significant compared to some other options.
  • Additional fees: Paper statements incur a $2 monthly fee, encouraging electronic statements.
  • Limited ATM withdrawals: The daily ATM withdrawal limit is capped at $100.
  • Potential to upgrade: After six months of responsible account management, you can inquire about upgrading to a regular checking account with potentially more features and fewer limitations.

While not explicitly labeled as a "second chance" option, the PNC Foundation Checking Account offers a starting point for rebuilding your banking history with a lower barrier to entry which is not actually considered a second chance checking.

However, it's crucial to weigh the potential limitations, like fees and restrictions, against other available options before making a decision.


How to Open a PNC Checking Account Online

PNC unfortunately doesn't allow opening all their checking accounts entirely online. There might be age restrictions as well as many other restrictions. According to their website, for those under 18, a parent or guardian needs to be present for the application process.

Here's what you can do to open a PNC checking account:

  1. Check PNC's Account Options:  Head to PNC's checking account page to browse their different checking account options and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  2. Pre-Qualify (Optional): While PNC doesn't offer online account openings for all cases, some accounts might have a pre-qualification option online. This can give you an idea of your approval chances without a hard credit check.
  3. Visit a PNC Branch: After choosing your preferred account, locate a PNC branch near you using their branch locator. Then, visit the branch with your required documents (usually ID, proof of address, Social Security number) to initiate the application process.

If you'd prefer not to visit a branch, you can also try calling PNC customer service to inquire about alternative options for opening an account. Their number can be found on their website.

PNC Foundation Checking Limits

Here are some of the key limitations to consider with the PNC Foundation Checking Account:

  • Monthly service fee: A $7 monthly service fee applies  to this account. This can be a significant ongoing cost compared to some other checking accounts.
  • Paper statement fee: There's a $2 monthly fee for paper statements, incentivizing the use of electronic statements.
  • ATM withdrawal limit: Daily ATM withdrawals  are capped at $100. This might be restrictive if you rely heavily on cash access.
  • No minimum opening deposit: While there's no  minimum opening deposit, this also means there's no initial balance to act as a buffer against potential fees or accidental  overdrafts.


The new Second Chance Checking is a valuable program that grants individuals with a history of financial difficulties access to basic banking services. Even though there is a downside to that it does apply only in very few institutions around the US and the globe.

But with features like mobile banking, online bill pay, and access to a vast network of ATMs, customers can regain control of their finances and work towards building a better financial future.

And trying to clear your banking Chexsystems Records is also another good solution to keep in mind to try seeing if you can have your old bank account with the bad records cleared, or a new one with no previous records to your name.

PNC Bank's commitment to financial education further distinguishes them as a resourceful partner in their customers' journey towards financial stability. They have tried bringing an option very close to the second chance checking, which is by offering prepaid debit card accounts instead of a second chance checking account.

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