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Does Zelle Accept or Work With Debit Cards?

You should know that Zelle accepts Bank accounts in the US. But do they Accept debit card? Checkout more about that in this article we've provided
zelle and debit cards

 Money transfer apps or also called P2P apps, are transfer apps that are used to send money, receive money, and store money temporarily for an online use or for transfer. Many people do use money transfer apps just for sending and receiving money from friends, family members, or even business partners.

And so, with these money transfer apps, many people have turned to use them instead of these physical banks since they can also store cash. Though many people usually deny the fact that one should store cash in a P2P app. And this is especially due to online bandits, or scammers, or con artists...

And you will see these scammers in platforms like Cash App, Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, and many others. But these platforms have found different ways to put their users at a safety. But prevention is always better than cure that is why you will see some common Cash app, Paypal, Zelle, Venmo scams and how to avoid them.

Zelle is one of these great online P2P payment apps that has it's special feature of being able to connect banks to each other. And Zelle is used to send money easily and cheaply from one bank to another.

Debit cards are physical rectangular cards that banks provide to their users for online transactions, and for ATM withdrawal of money found in the user's account.

Well, knowing that Zelle does connect banks to each other, some of you should be curiously asking yourselves; Does Zelle integrate with Debit cards? And how do I connect my Zelle account to my Bank's Debit Card? Well, we will be making that clear for you in this article and explaining some related questions for you to know if they can work together and how to make them work together.

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Does Zelle And Debit Cards Work together?

As long as we have a bank account, we can utilize the platform even if we don't have a debit card. The platform works with over a thousand banks, however we will be forced to use a debit card if our bank is not on the list of banks that Zelle accepts.

We will be able to open an account on Transferwise, which will provide us an online account, if we don't have a debit card or bank account. Our MasterCard debit card, which is accepted for use with the Zelle application, will be available for use when we sign up with Zelle.

But knowing that your bank account is linked to your debit card, it will be no doubt that when the money is in your bank account, then with your Debit card, you can access the cash. And so, the easiest way to use Zelle and Debit cards, is to connect it to your bank account and then use your bank account as a medium for your debit card.

How to Send money from Zelle to Debit Cards

Now that you know that to use your Zelle and your debit card together you must relate your Zelle to your bank account. So, how will you send money from Zelle to your bank account? It is simply by sending to your Bank account and withdrawing the money or using the money with your debit card.

And so, this is how to send money to your bank's debit card. First of all login to your Zelle account and then link your Zelle account to your bank account(bank with debit card) and then send the money to your bank account from Zelle.

  1. Log into your Zelle account
  2. Go to Settings and select Add bank from the menu and choose your bank.
  3. Then complete the remaining on-screen instructions to link your Zelle to your Bank account.
  4. After linking the two, go back to the main menu and then go to "Send Money"
  5. From there, fill in the amount to send and then confirm it.

But you also have to make sure that Zelle does accept your bank account. And also know that Zelle only accepts US banks. If your bank is a non-US bank, then Zelle won't accept it.

What types of cards will we not be able to use?

Due to their terms, Zelle will not accept a variety of cards, including the following:

  • Commercial debit.
  • Credit cards.
  • Cards linked to international accounts.
  • Prepaid or gift cards that are not part of the Zelle network.

Any attempt we make to link one of these cards to our account will fail because it will almost always be refused.

Some Zelle Limitations

Zelle is an amazing platform that is used to send and receive money from one Bank to another. And it's main function is to link and send money between banks and also sends it for free without any fees or even very little fees.

Zelle can be a very good platform but it does have some limitations that will make some things very difficult for you. Some of them are;

1. Zelle does accept banks but it does not accept other online banks. Even online banks based in the US, are not compatible with Zelle.

2. Zelle does not work for all banks since it accepts only banks in the US territory(US based banks).

3. Zelle does not also accept bank cards of all format. whether Prepaid, Debit, or credit cards.

Final Thoughts on how to use Zelle and Debit cards together

Debit cards cannot be used with Zelle as we said above. And the only way you can use them together is by relating your bank account that your debit card carries. Linking Zelle with that Bank account, will make it easier to send and receive money into your debit card.

This is because when cash is in your bank account, you can withdraw the cash using your debit card or you can go for some online transactions too while the cash is in your bank account or debit card.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Zelle and Debit Cards

These are some other questions that some people may ask with their answers.

1. Does Zelle Accept Prepaid cards?

As of right now, Zelle does not support debit cards connected to accounts headquartered in U.S. Territories. American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are examples of U.S. territories.

2. Does Zelle Work with Paypal?

Well it is quite true that Zelle does send money and easily connect with banks, but it does not work with all of them. Zelle does choose some platforms and exempts some others. And Paypal is one of those excluded.

3. Does Zelle Cope with Cash App?

According to our investigation, you cannot send or receive money from Cash App to Zelle and vice versa. There is a workaround you can use even if you cannot directly transfer money between these two online payment systems. And that is by using another bank as a transfer medium.

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