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How to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card Online for All Countries

Are you in search of a virtual credit card for your online transactions? In this article, you will get how to create a VCC for free for all countries
Virtual credit card

 With an advanced world where everything has developed, things have improved very much. Before, we had just banks (our traditional mortar and brick buildings), and now we have virtual banks where you can have a virtual or online bank account.

There were credit cards or debit cards that physical banks provided, but now there are virtual or online credit cards or debit cards, or prepaid cards, and many other bank cards.

And to get a virtual bank card, most of the times are virtual banks that will provide you with a virtual bank card for your virtual transactions, but now some platforms have been created just to provide us with virtual credit cards.

These cards are used for our online transactions and can be used for different things like online subscriptions, online purchases, or even physical purchases in online or physical stores respectively.

And so, if you've ever wanted to have a virtual credit card for yourself, or even a virtual bank card for your online transactions, then today is your wish will be granted since we will be talking in this article today how to get a free virtual bank card for free. Keep reading to learn more about this procedure.

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Easy Ways to Get a Free Virtual Bank Card Right Now

What is a Virtual Card?

It is a virtual or online card that does not exist physically and only exists virtually. They are used for online transactions, an for physical transactions only in shops that accepts virtual payments.

On one virtual card provider, you can get more than three virtual cards and arrange them each for any transaction you will need.

For example, you can create one that renews your Netflix subscription, another one that renews your Spotify subscription, and another ne that is used for online purchases.

But depending on the Virtual card provider, you can get up to 20 virtual cards for one virtual card provider. And you can delete the card when you think it's use is no longer needed, and then create again another one to replace the one you deleted.

What are Virtual Cards used for?

1. For Shopping: Virtual Cards are used for shopping online where you can purchase a good or service online. Or you can get any thing in a shop that accepts virtual payments and your virtual card provider too.

2. For apps: There are apps that are paid apps were you can purchase them with your virtual card.

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3. For subscriptions: With many subscriptions like Netflix, Shopify, DSTV, or TV subscriptions, you can use a virtual card for any of these subscriptions.

4. Trade: You can also Buy financial instruments like stocks, foreign currency or crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other coins for crypto trading & exchanges.

5. Gaming: Game online on different platforms and networks like PlayStation Plus, Xbox, Blizzard, EA Games, and many others. For subscriptions on these gaming apps or tools, Virtual cards are very important for you.

How to Create a Working Virtual Card for Free

To create a Working virtual card, you should first of all know what platforms provide you the best virtual cards. And we will unleash all of them together.

But so you can know, you can get a free virtual card on Skrill, n26, Neteller, Payoneer, Ezzocard, and many others.

I. How to get a free virtual credit card with Neteller

Well, NETELLER is a secured site where you can open or create a free account and then transfer funds from your bank account, credit card or via wire transfer.

Once you open your NETELLER account, you can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to the many merchants which accept NETELLER online payments.

Neteller also provides virtual credit cards for transactions and or subscriptions. And so, let's show you how you can get a virtual credit card with NETELLER. To do that, 

1. First of all visit Neteller and create your account from there.

Creating your account involves signing up, and then confirming your signup from the mail sent to you.

2. Once you've confirmed it, you will be directed to the site in your account you've just created. You have to keep your login details in mind and make sure not to forget them.

3. After that, you have to go to Options, and then click on "Money". where you will follow the on screen instructions to choose what type of account you want, and then finish requesting for a virtual credit card.

4. Then you should add some cash into your virtual credit card after you have finished your credit card's configurations.

5. Once all of these is done and you have configured and added cash, you should just simply click on add card to add order your Neteller Credit card.

6. Then the remaining on screen instructions will come up for you to finish configuring your card including your card name(optional), card validity(optional), card purpose, and all the others.

7. Once you generate the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, you will notice the 16-digit card number appear, along with the CVV code (Security Code) and the Expiry date on it.

II. How to get a Virtual Card on Paypal

Another easy option is with Paypal. Paypal is an online bank that is used to send and receive cash and also temporarily store cash.

And many people do use Paypal to get a virtual credit card. And if you don't yet have a Paypal account, you can checkout our article and learn how to get a fully functional paypal account in any country.

And then from there, you should simply request for a Paypal virtual card and put in the required informations for this request. After that, they will review, and send you your paypal card info after the creation of the card has been completed.

III. Skrill Virtual Card

To get a Skrill virtual card, it will be same as the previous methods where you will first of all have to create a skrill account, and then request a virtual card with your account.

With Skrill, you can set a period of time or a validity of your virtual card and after that period, your card expires and is automatically deleted. Before if you want another virtual card you can reconfigure and request for another card.

IV. Get a Free Virtual Credit Card For All countries using YooMoney

YooMoney is an online platform that is based mainly for creating virtual credit cards for it's users. It is a Russian based platform that has been made accessible for all countries.

All you have to do is to signup and create an account, then with your account, you should create a virtual credit card for your transactions to use them.

Yoomoney has also made things easier for their users so that they easily access the platform, with a translated site to any language for any user.

And that is also one thing that will make us to always recommend you use Google Chrome that has a Google translate feature that will help automatically translate your foreign languages on any site you visit to your preferred language.

And so, to get a free virtual credit card with Yandex Money(Yoomoney), just follow the steps below;

1. First thing, you should go to the site Yoomoney where you will have to signup and create your account.

2. After the creation of the account, you will have to verify your phone number with a verification code that will be sent to your mobile phone. You will fill in the code in the space provided and then click verify.

3. After that you will have to fill in your email address and then verify that you are the one. It is always good to use your real address since they will frequently update you from your mail box.

4. Then create a strong password, and then that will be all for the creation of your account. In the homepage, it will appear in Russian language but if you wait for a while, Google Chrome(recommended) will do it's job by translating to your required language.

5. After everything is set, you will see the tabs above and just take your mouse to "Bank Cards", or click there, and then click on "Virtual for Online Shopping" to get a Virtual Credit Card.

6. Then you should click on "Get a Virtual Card" which will take you to another page. On the next page, you will be provided with two credit card types to chose one from. So, you chose either Visa or MasterCard all depends on you and you click on Next.

7. Once you've done this, you will reach the verification step where you will verify the account is really yours with the two-way verifications. And after the verification, a confirmation message for a creation of a virtual credit card will notify you.

With this card, you must refill it to be able to unlock all it's features or it will only be accessible in Russia. Or you can also go to the paid section to be able to use it worldwide.

Final Thoughts on How to Easily Get a Free Virtual Credit Card

Well, many people will give you different methods you can get a virtual credit card. This method might not be what you expected, but we have made sure we can satisfy a maximum number of people.

And that is why we went for Yandex money, which is a platform that provides free virtual credit cards for everyone and in all countries.

Whether in Africa, Asia, Europe, America, or anywhere, you can have a Virtual credit card on Yoomoney.

We also provided some other options like Neteller, Skrill, and even Paypal. Well, These other ones are limited to some certain countries when it comes to creation of Virtual credit cards like Paypal that might work in so many countries, but won't provide virtual cards for all the countries.

Just hoping you get your own card that will help you in anything you do.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on Having a Virtual Credit Card For All Countries

Can Yandex Money Work in All Countries?

Yes! Yoomoney works in all countries. But it is limited to Russia only for free users who have an empty credit card. Just fill in your card and you will be able to purchase for your online goods or services.

Does NETELLER Work in All countries?

No! Neteller does not work in all countries since it is limited to just a few countries and won't work in most African countries or Asian countries.

Is there any other platform that can create a Virtual credit card?

Yes! There are many others. Like TransferWise, Payoneer, n26, and many others, you can still get a virtual card while using these platforms and your virtual card will still work very well. All you have to do is to visit them, create your account, and then create and fill in some cash in your card.

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