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The Most Popular Money Transfer Apps 2024

In search for the best platforms to send and receive money? Well, checkout in this article the best Money transfer apps in the World Right Now.
money transfer apps

 Transfer of money has been fast increasing in a very high rate in this generation where technology has also taken a new level in development.

And the more time passes, the more people do transact online to send and receive money. Whether locally or internationally, people will continue sending and receiving money.

For example sending to cash to your child who want to buy a textbook, sending money to a seller online for a product you saw that was very nice and you need it, sending money to your friend to help him or her in one thing or the other.

There are so many reasons why people send and receive money online. And to send and receive money, people tend to use what we call money transfer or P2P(peer-to-peer) apps.

And there are thousands of money transfer apps right now that have been created and developed to assist us in sending and receiving money.

But with this very large number, there are some that are most used and most of the time recommended buy banks and friends, and even business partners.

That is why you will see that some of them are considered to be the best and some are least considered.

Well, if you are new in this and are looking for the best Worldwide money transfer apps, then this is the right place for you. In this article, we will outline the best Money P2P Apps in the World Right Now whether you want to send money internationally, or locally.

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The Top 5 Best Money Transfer Apps in the World Right Now

What are money Transfer apps?

These are apps that have been brought about with the main aim to assist it's users to send and to receive money, and also to store cash temporarily.

The main thins you should highlight here are; Sending, Receiving, and Temporary storage. Temporarily because you will have to withdraw the money one day. Even if it is not the same day you receive it, you will still withdraw it to purchase something.

Most of our banks right now usually have online platforms that can help you to send and receive money, but they won't work like money transfer apps. This is because our banks are mainly for storage of cash meanwhile money transfer apps are mainly for sending and receiving cash.

Also, our banks will also have very high fees when sending to other users with another bank, or even when sending internationally, meanwhile money transfer apps will have minimized fees that won't bother you.

What Should I Consider when choosing money transfer apps?

With the numerous money transfer apps in the world right now, it is not usually very easy to choose the best money transfer app. But depending on what you are looking for, you will know using the different features.

And so, these are some things to consider when looking for a good money transfer app. They are;

1. Fees for transfers: Fees are usually what chase people away from money transfer apps. When you see a money transfer app that has very high fees, you will also fee very few people on that platform. Not everyone have the cash to be able to pay high fees.

2. Speed of Transfer: Also very important aspect. There are money transfer apps that more than a week to send money completely to another person or user, meanwhile there are some other ones that take 10seconds. Which one will you choose? Normally the one that send in 10 seconds.

3. Zone of Transfer: We said there are many money transfer apps in the world right now, but very few of them will consider a very wide transfer range. Some of them will send cash only in a small area like a region or state, or a country but for the ones that send world wide are very few.

Well, now that you know what to look for in a P2P transfer app, we will now kick off with the best online transfer apps in the world, taking into consideration these things.

What Money Transfer Apps are the Most Used in the World Right Now?

1. The Overall Best - Paypal

Whether sun, rain or snow, day or night, our top pick will always be Paypal except if they fail in a subsequent update in the future. But for now, Paypal takes the price for us as the best Online P2P app.

Taking a quick reverse back in time to 1998 when Paypal was created, and since then till date, it has taken a growth and it keeps growing till now. Paypal has grown to be one of the best money transfer apps in the world if not the best.

It was previously created as a platform that could function only in the US(United States), but right, Paypal boast of the fact that it works in more than 180 countries in the world. And the good news is that they are still extending their company so that it can work in all countries in the world.

Paypal fees are usually high, but are affordable for our transfers. Paypal earns it's cash from our fees and that is why they set the bar for fees at this level. But that should not send you away since they are minimized or cancelled when sending to family members or friends.

Paypal transfer also do not take long to be completed. Paypal send money quickly for about 2-3days for normal transfers(no Fees), and about 5minutes for instant transfers(fees included).

How to Get a Paypal Account

To have your own Paypal account, it is quite easy. You will only need an internet connection, a device to browse the internet, and then just download the app from the Google Play Store for android users or App store for iOS users.

Once you have that, you should just launch the app and then register either a business account or a personal account(We advice you go for a personal account since it has minimum fees). Follow the screen instructions and complete the procedure.


  • Easy to use platform with a very good user-friendly interface.
  • Very Good security with efficient encryption
  • Sending to family members have zero costs.
  • Business accounts pay very high fees compared to personal accounts
  • Quick and instant transfers are possible.

2. Best For Sending Between Banks - Zelle

We have spoken about the best overall, but there is this amazing platform which is Zelle. Zelle sends and receives money quickly and cheaply between banks. It is true that it does not send via online banks, but it does send between physical banks.

But it also has to support your bank so that bank transfers will be possible since Zelle only works with banks it works with. You can checkout some of our articles to know better what platforms work with Zelle.

But never mind since Zelle supports numerous banks(US Banks since it is a US based platform).

That is one of the specialties of Zelle, and adding to that, you will see that Zelle helps you with these transfers and asks for nothing. That is, they don't request fees, and even when you have to pay any fees, they are very minimized fees.

Zelle is also an amazing platform since it also works easily and rapidly. Sending cash instantly for instant transfers and also for a short period of about 2 days for normal transfers.


  • Your cash is Government Insured
  • Zelle Supports numerous banks
  • Zelle is easy to use and even if they don't support your bank, you can still link it up using other banks or platforms.


  • Only works in the US since it is a US based platform.

3. Best for Free Transfers(Minimized fees) - Cash App

When we are dealing with Money transfers, Cash App is always mentioned. Alongside Zelle, and Paypal, you will always hear about Cash App. And that is simply because Cash app is an amazing P2P app.

Their fees are so much minimized with little or no fees for instant transfers. Cash App is the cheapest in terms of instant transfers. Instant transfers will last for just a few seconds or a few minutes.

It is also true that you can send money normally without using the instant transfer option, which will see you sending cash without paying any fees.

Apart from transfer of money, Cash App is also very widely opened in other areas like buying of Crypto currency(Bitcoin), and they also provide investing opportunities.

It is quite true that Cash App does not work world wide, but it does work in several American and European countries including the US, and the UK.


  • Best for instant transfers
  • Easy to use platform and very quick response
  • Allows purchase of Bitcoin and cash investments


  • Can't trace Scams(that is why you have to make sure you know very well who you send cash to).

4. Best for Peer to Peer transactions - Venmo

Venmo has also made the list for the best money transfer app in the world right now. If you notice it very well, friends are people that we always send and receive money from each other very frequently.

Friends help each other, and to send money amongst friends, Venmo is the ideal platform for you.

Venmo has made it interface very cool and easy to use to ease peer to peer transfers and many other transfers. This is because they have an amazing option which spits bills for easy payment is shops.

for example with a class group project where you guys have to buy one or two things, Venmo will easy separation of funds amongst you and your friends and payment will become easier and less burdensome.


  • Easy to use platform
  • Meant for easily splitting bills
  • Rapid transfers with instant transfer option available.


  • The Default setting for privacy is set on Public view(that is everyone can see your transactions until you change the setting)
  • Fees are quite high when you want to transfer using your Credit card or bank card.

Other Options

As we said there are so many online transfer apps to use, and to choose them is not quite easy. But we believe with what we have provided and explained above, you can get something to send your cash easily. But if you still don't feel satisfied, then let's look at this list of other options.

They are;

  1. WorldRemit
  2. Google Pay
  3. Facebook Pay

Are Money Transfer Apps Legit?

Yes! Money transfer apps are very legit platforms and many banks do recommend that you use these platforms for your online sending and receiving of cash.

Like there are many American banks that recommend Paypal and Zelle for example for your online transfers. And this will just assure you that these platforms are no scam but are very legit.

But the problem here is that you should make sure you know that person you are sending money to before sending money online.

Final Thoughts on the best money transfer apps Right Now

In a long quest for the best platform that you can use as an individual to send and receive money frequently, we have brought out this list of options for you to choose from.

Sending and receiving money is very vital, and to do this, you have to be concentrated a bit so as to make sure you don't send the cash to the wrong account.

Sending to the wrong account, you might not get the money back. So prevention is better than cure. And we hope that from this article, you will get the best platform for yourself so that you can be sending cash every time you have to send the cash.

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