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How to Open a US Bank Account Online as Non-resident

Are you looking for a way to take a step in your finances in the US but are not a resident? This article will show you how to open a US bank account
Open US Bank Account as Non-resident

 We are now in an advanced world were movements are made easily and people keep traveling everyday from one place to another, and one country to another.

And living or working in the US as a non-resident can be an enriching experience for many people, but navigating the financial landscape can be tricky and at times not even possible for everyone.

One crucial aspect is managing your finances; and opening a US bank account can offer immense convenience. While it might seem a little complicated, it's definitely possible!

And so, you should not bother to overthink of how you can do it since things have been made a lot nore easier in this advanced generation. Well, below is your guide to unlocking the world of US banking, and being able to get a US Bank Account as a non-resident.

Table of Contents

Banking Across Borders: How to Open a US Bank Account as a Non-Resident

1. Understanding Your Status:

First things first, you should assess all our specific situation to know your stand. Are you a student, investor, working on a temporary visa, or something else? This will determine the type of account you're eligible for and the documents you'll need.

At times getting a permanent resident permit could be longer than you expected, and you will urgently need that bank account. So you should know what your status is before taking the next step so as to know what you want to start off with.

2. Gather Your Documents:

While requirements will vary depending on which bank you are visiting to get a Non Resident bank account, some common documents include:

  • Valid passport: Used as an identification government issued document
  • Proof of US address: Utility bill, rental agreement, or bank statement with your US address.
  • Visa documentation: Proof of your legal status in the US, like a student visa or work permit.
  • Financial information: Proof of income or funds for the initial deposit (if required).
  • SSN or ITIN: If you don't have a Social Security number (SSN), apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

3. Choosing the Right Bank:

National vs. regional banks: National banks offer wider reach but may have stricter requirements. Regional banks might be more flexible but have limited branch networks and you might see very few of their branches making withdrawals and transactions a little more complicated.

Account types: Explore checking, savings, or money market accounts based on your needs. Some banks offer specialized accounts for non-residents which expire after you are no longer available, or that can be upgraded after you get a resident permit.

Fees and minimum balances: Compare monthly fees, minimum opening deposits, and ATM fees to find an account that aligns with your usage.

4. Opening the Account:

Many banks allow online applications, but visiting a branch in person might be necessary for non-residents. Be prepared to answer questions about your financial situation and the purpose of the account.

When you visit a branch to open your account, you will have to provide all the necessary requirements as we provided above. Even though some banks might ask for another thing, but majority will ask but what we just told you as requirements

Additional Tips:

  • Start early: Apply well in advanced if you need the account for specific purposes.
  • Research currency exchange rates: Understand how you'll manage international transactions and potential fees.
  • Consider online-only banks: They often offer lower fees and cater to non-residents more readily. You can see some options like Cash App, Paypal, Venmo, and many others.

Conclusion: Opening a US Bank Account as a Non-Resident

Navigating the process of opening a US bank account as a non-resident can present challenges but it can be done easily if you tackle it the right way. By adhering to specific requirements, such as providing valid identification, proof of address, and meeting the bank's eligibility criteria, non-residents can access essential banking services in the US.


  • Each bank has it's own requirements and eligibility criteria.
  • Opening a US bank account can simplify your finance life in the US.
  • Do your research, compare options, and ask questions before making a decision.
  • By following these steps and staying informed, you can navigate the US banking system as a non-resident with confidence. Welcome to the world of convenient and secure financial management!

Embracing the opportunity to open a US bank account as a non-resident offers numerous benefits, including facilitating financial transactions, building a credit history, and accessing a range of banking services tailored to individual needs.

By taking proactive steps and demonstrating financial responsibility, non-residents can establish a foothold in the US banking system, fostering financial stability and expanding their global financial network.

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